The Midwest (Week 12)

Murphy’s law has been in full effect this past week. If anything could go wrong, it did…..

I sent everything to the board of nurses for my new license. I got an email from them that they would be returning the money orders. I sent the amount listed on the application, but they sent me a form that had three other amounts that were nothing close to what was stated on the application. To complicate things, I may never see those money orders again in order to reclaim the cash. They will be mailed to my home in Texas, but I got them at a bank in Nebraska. The bank in Nebraska told me that I would have to bring them back to them to get my money back. I will most likely be in another destination by then. In the meantime, this meant that I had to go get another money order (in the newly requested amount) and make another trip to the post office (which has very limited hours) to send it out priority mail express in hopes that they get it in time to process prior to my next assignment. In the notification from the board of nurses I was also informed that my fingerprints could not be located AND that they are no longer issuing temporary licenses.

My agency called me and let me know that my titer for MMR is too low and that I would need to get a booster. There was no where within an 80 mile vicinity that offers that here (trust me, we called everywhere).

My housing arrangement for the next assignment fell through. They notified me that they had found someone who would rent long-term instead of short term. I don’t blame them, there are no hard feelings, but it is less than two weeks before I am scheduled to arrive there!

All of this made me seriously reconsider the possibility of traveling somewhere exotic and exciting. It felt like everything was crumbling. Not going to lie, I reached moments of desperation. But I am happy to report that things seemed to have turned around. Yhprum’s law seems to have taken over. Here is how:

My car made it safely to the destination for the MMR booster, so I am now boosted.

I was able to locate a new housing option. It is a condo in the same building (but this one comes with a car option!). Instead of having to rent a car from a rental agency of which was an exorbitant amount, the person who owns the condo has a vehicle that she has offered for my use.

I am still waiting on a response from the board of nursing, but I am hopeful to hear from them soon. I verified with the fingerprinting agency that the prints were obtained and just had not processed yet. Fingers crossed that this is one more thing that goes right.

I saved the best for last: My current facility notified me that they would like to pay me out my contract and let me go home a week early to spend time with friends/family before my next assignment! It was so kind and unexpected.

Now for the picture explanation: It is Carnival Day at the facility! So Wookie is dressed up to entertain. I put Mary’s vest on him (because it looks like a tiger) and a rainbow tie. I am not sure who put the little hat on my desk, but I found it this morning and assumed it was for him, so here he his all dressed up!

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