The Midwest (Week 9)

Isn’t this a beautiful car? I LOVE it. I love the rumble of the engine when it starts up, I love shifting through the gears, I love driving with the sun roof open. So many things….

Rant Warning——I can’t drive it right now. It has been almost a month of phone calls and begging for help from Dodge/Chrysler dealerships. I finally got an appointment at the local dealership (the nearest one is 45 miles away, so it’s not really local, but…) but they called me Wednesday night to cancel my service appointment that was scheduled for Thursday morning. They did not offer to reschedule it. The service manager from the dealership back in Texas where I purchased it (Shottenkirk Dodge) offered to tow it back to Texas, but has never called me back and now will not return my calls. I have sent multiple emails to them and have been in correspondence with the guy who sold it to me as well. Nothing. It would not be such a big issue if I was at home. Between my husband, daughter, and parents I would have something to drive. But here -nothing. It’s like I am permanently stranded. But the car payments continue (boo!).

It makes me reminisce about the time long ago that we purchased a Kia. My husband was hesitant about the purchase but there were several factors that influenced the decision. He was a rookie officer and I was staying home with the kids. We were surviving on his salary, so we could only afford one vehicle. He worked night shifts so it was easy to make it work. Let me tell you about that car: we only had the oil changed in it twice, my kids had vomited in the back seat so many times that the upholstery was stiff and crunchy, the antenna was broke off in a car wash, my son stuck stickers all over the interior rear door window – We drove the wheels off that car but it never missed a lick, not one time. To this day, it is the longest that I have ever owned a vehicle. What I would give to have it back now. But instead, here I am with a brand new vehicle that has stranded me on the side of the road twice and now just sits there and looks pretty.

I try not to think about it (denial is a self-preservation technique) because it literally gives me chest pain. But then I remind myself that something has to be done. Although I am “managing” here, this assignment will soon be over and we can’t just leave it here. I am also concerned that the next assignment will require a commute -then what? ———-Rant over.

Wookie continues to charm everyone at work. A different family member brought me some olive green thread this week to make him another sweater. She brought Mary some little mouse toys, too (she wanted to be fair). She often gets on the floor on all fours to play with Wookie in the hallway. It is quite humorous to see a middle-aged, professional woman lose all inhibitions and play with a dog on the floor. The staff told her that Wookie and her have the same hair style and color (I had never noticed, but now I can’t unsee it!). She took it with good humor. I was surprised to find out that she doesn’t even own a dog! But that just reinforces my theory that “everybody wants a Wookie” and that he gives people “puppy fever”. He’s special like that.

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  1. Anita Wilkinson Avatar
    Anita Wilkinson

    What a shame that you have to continue to pay for a car that the dealer will not repair. Dodge used to be a reliable car. How far they have fallen. Does the “lemon law” apply in this case.

  2. Marilyn Mapes Avatar
    Marilyn Mapes

    Sorry you’re having such trouble with your Challenged! Been driving a red Charger for 10 years & (knock on wood) have only had to change the oil regularly! Hope you get it fixed soon, but, on the bright side…not putting much mileage on it, now!

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