The Midwest (Week 2)

My husband made it home from Arizona this past week. He dropped the horses off in Texas and came to visit us (hopefully we find a place for them here soon). Can you tell how much Wookie missed him? I think the feeling was mutual.

The weather has been bitter cold here and it snowed today. My knuckles are dry, red, cracked, and itchy with several open areas (they snag on fabric, its awful). This is from a combination of cold, dry air and frequent hand washing. I bought some special lip balm when I was in the high desert. I pulled that out to use on my knuckles. It works beautifully!

I found a nearby groomer, but the earliest she can get Wookie in is a week and a half from today. This will put him at almost a month between grooming visits. He is starting to look “used”. I told him no one wants a “used Poodle”, but he doesn’t believe me (everybody wants a Wookie and he is told that daily). He began working with me last week. I am so happy to say that he continues to be allowed in the facilities (so far). I expect that one of my assignments will not allow him, but that hasn’t happened yet. He continues to spread joy everywhere he goes.

I have not been able to locate premium gas for my car. We drove to a city about 30 miles away to look this past weekend, no luck there either. My commute is less than a mile per day, so by guesstimate, I have another week or so to find it. The locals don’t have any suggestions (sad face). Being from Texas, every fuel station has a premium option. I never considered that it would be a challenge.

We have weathered some very cold days in our camper, but we have only froze up one day so far (I rectified that by wrapping the frost-free pedestal with a pool noodle). The camper itself stays very warm thanks to my husbands strategies. We now know that we can manage any climate.

I lost Mary this week. I was certain that she had not got outside, so my biggest fear was that she was in the washing machine (with a load going). I was sick. I felt fear wash over me. I couldn’t get the machine door to unlock. I knew it would be too late to save her, but I wanted to get her out. I have had cats get in the dryer while I was folding clothes and Mary often gets in the washing machine here. I felt like I would notice her while putting laundry in, but I just couldn’t convince myself that she wasn’t in it. I searched the entire camper, it’s the only thing that made sense. She has never hidden before, she is quite needy and wants to be held at all times. She usually comes to me like a dog when I call her name. My husband managed to get the washer door open only to confirm that she wasn’t in it (thank God). I never did find her hiding space, but she came out later as if nothing had happened. She’s got a hidey-hole somewhere, I may never find it, but I won’t worry so much next time that she goes missing.

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