The Midwest (Week 1)

There was snow on the ground when we arrived this past week, much colder than where we had come from! I had to unpack Wookie’s little fleece suit. He was very excited to see it. We had not used it since being in the high desert. I think he had forgotten all about it (it was definitely not required on the gulf coast).

I have spent the past week adjusting to all of the new sights and sounds of my new location.

Sights and sounds in a facility can vary from one to the next. I always spend a little bit of time adjusting to the sounds from the staff, the patients, the call lights, etc. This facility utilizes a call-light system that involves pagers. Everyone carries their own pager and when a patient pushes their call button for assistance, we all get a page with the location/room number that needs assistance. This is very different from any facility that I have ever been at. The benefit of this new system is the quiet environment that it creates for patients. There has been a recent “push” to create quieter environments in health care settings to promote rest and healing. To be honest, it creates a feeling of insecurity for me. I am accustomed to hearing an overhead alarm system and being able to visualize the lights above the doors. They made it easy to assist the staff on the floor. It is going to take some time for me to adjust here.

Sights and sounds in the camper vary from one location to the next, too. Here, we are close to the highway (I say highway loosely because it is just a two lane paved road). The main traffic on this “highway” is big rigs hauling cattle. They seem incredibly loud and I couldn’t figure out why until I realized that they are utilizing their engine breaks. The RV park is located at the edge of town and the trucks are using the engine break as they enter the town. It vibrates the entire camper, which is startling at night while sleeping. We lived near a train track one time and were able to adjust to it, so I feel certain that I will eventually adjust to this, too. As I write this, someone is shooting a handgun nearby (close enough to rattle my windows). That will be another sound to get used to!

To do list: 1. There are signs beside the road that say “Emergency Snow Route” (figure out what that is). 2. Find a groomer for Wookie. 3. Find a gas station that has 91 or higher fuel (I have only seen 87 -my car requires higher octane than that).

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  1. Hello! A pager system sounds interesting. I also work in the Midwest.

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