Intermission III

We had to “kiss” the coast goodbye this past week (along with the tropical climate). We had a week to spend at home preparing ourselves and the camper for the next location (miscellaneous repairs are necessary after every move). But this time we performed a little re-model. My husband has fulfilled his commitments at home and will now be able to spend time following me around between ropings! He is still recuperating so we pulled one of the couches out and replaced it with a recliner for him to sleep in when necessary. We pulled another couch out to make room for his boots, spurs, and cowboy hats. If all else fails, we figure that he can park his horse trailer (with living quarters) beside me at the RV park and we can be neighbors (that’s a funny thought).

We had to winterize the camper for the new location. I am heading to the Midwest! The temperatures will be very different than the coast. A camper requires strategy to maintain function in the cold temperatures. My husband purchased foam board to “skirt” the trailer with when we get there. The plan is to run a heater underneath to keep everything from freezing and hopefully keep the camper warmer inside.

We had to replace the TV in the camper livingroom because it quit functioning properly (it was stuck on one channel and one volume). It didn’t bother me, but it does not accommodate a channel surfer like my husband. To swap out the TV, we also had to replace the mount because it wouldn’t fit. When we removed the old mount, there were like 13 extra holes in the wall behind it. It looked like the job of my son and I (it takes us at least 25 holes to hang anything). We drill each hole with the hope of finding the stud, but fail over and over. We persevere until we finally find it and just hope that the extra holes will be hidden when we are done (before my husband can see it). It is just one of our flaws that my husband enjoys “celebrating” about us (don’t worry, we “celebrate” his flaws, too. Hah!). So, to whoever hung the first TV mount here, I totally get the struggle. Way to persevere until you got it right!

This new assignment requires scrubs instead of business casual. Although I hate wearing scrubs, I have to say that I was relieved to remove all of the shoes and clothing that made it necessary to dress in business attire every day (scrubs and athletic shoes take up less room). This made more room for my husbands clothing, so it works out for the best.

It was nice to spend a week at home (even though it was a mad hustle to get ready to leave again). I am excited to start the new assignment. I have met the administrator and CNO via Zoom so I am aware of a few of the challenges that their facility is currently facing. I look forward to meeting all of my new staff and to see how I can best support them. They are in their “window” for the annual state survey so we will need to hit the ground running!

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  1. Welcome to the Midwest. I’m from Wisconsin. Weather has been a bit on the cool side for the last week along with snow and ice storms. Hope you fair better.

  2. Been a while. I have some catching up to do. Still miss you, still love reading about your adventures.

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