The Gulf Coast (Week 8)

On my last trip back home, I decorated the house for Christmas so that it would be ready for when I return. Here, I bought a little potted evergreen tree to put on my dining room table. It was my feeble attempt to add some type of Christmas decoration or have a Christmas tree at the camper. It came with a few little decorations and a string of lights. Mary promptly removed all the ornaments (she prefers them in the floor to bat around). She also knocked it over a few times, so in it’s best interest, I repotted it and placed it outside next to my steps.

Something is wrong with the water here. If it is left setting, it has orange gelatinous pieces floating around in it. I noticed it first in Mary and Wookie’s water bowl but just washed the bowl, replaced fresh water, and dismissed it. Then I saw it in the Keurig water tank, which gave me reason to pause. When I use my Brita pitcher, it clogs the filter almost immediately and the water is still left with an orange tint to it. I have never been picky about water before (I grew up on well water which was not routinely tested/treated), but I found myself purchasing several gallons of water at the grocery store this week.

The camper feels completely saturated right now. Everything is wet. My clothes feel like they just came out of the dryer, still damp. The toilet paper is shriveled on the role as if it was submerged in water. It is clear that the moisture absorbers were not efficiently removing the humidity. I purchased a dehumidifier that holds about 3 gallons of water. Within 24 hours I had emptied the tank three times and removed over 9 gallons of water. I feel like that is an exorbitant amount of water, but I really have nothing to compare it to since I have never utilized a dehumidifier before. The air is feeling more comfortable, but it is remaining around the 50% mark despite running the machine on turbo 24/7.

I have a new favorite song. It is by Gabby Barrett and titled “Pick me up”. It reminds me of my husband and I miss him for it. During our 25+ years of marriage, he has always been able to get me through the tough days. Now we find ourselves geographically distanced and there are days that I wish he could pick me up in his Chevy and take me for a ride on backroads somewhere.

He finished his last day of competition in Vegas yesterday. He had a wreck of sorts in the warm-up arena prior to competing. His horse tripped and went down while he was riding him. He managed to turn 3 head of cattle and finish the day before he ended up at the hospital (he didn’t know what hospital he was at despite driving himself to it and he called me to ask what my phone number was while checking in). He is going to be okay, but we are now trying to strategize a way to get the truck, trailer, and horses home (and him of course).

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  1. Is he a roper??

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