The Gulf Coast (Week 7)

It rains here almost daily. It seems like everyone has a rain coat, except me. That is not really something that I have ever kept a part of my wardrobe. I don’t like to wear coats and never carry an umbrella, but I am totally considering the purchase of a raincoat to use while I am here. The days continue to be warm and humid, the nights still warm and humid as well. I have moisture absorbing containers throughout the camper to try to minimize the dampness and prevent mildew and odors. They fill with water and have to be replaced weekly.

The mosquitoes are awful here by the water. They are very large in size and numerous, nothing seems to repel them. I have never had an issue with mosquito bites, but here I have large lumps from their bites. I would not have thought that in December they would still be a problem, and I am wondering if they are like this all year or if it will get cold enough to eliminate them, even if temporarily.

This past week has been a little bit of a struggle. I am now far enough into the assignment that the “new” has worn off. It is during this phase that I find the staff begin to get comfortable (sometimes too comfortable). They are no longer on their “best behavior”. Their guard is let down and it often feels like they are testing boundaries. I find myself having conversations to clarify and reiterate expectations. I don’t mind, it is part of the process, and at this part sometimes the “weeds” are removed and the green grass can begin to grow.

It’s hard to believe that this assignment would be finishing this week if I had not extended it. The CEO frequently reminds me that I can stay as long as I want. It’s a very kind offer, and I am glad to stay for now. I feel like we still have much to accomplish and I plan to “stay ’til the wind changes”, as Mary Poppins once said.

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