The Gulf Coast (Week 6)

My husband frequently tells me that I have great “fortitude”, and that it is a rare quality. I ponder this sometimes wondering what he means by it. By definition, fortitude means a strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage. I can tell you that I do not consider myself brave when facing danger. When it comes to the biological response of fight vs. flight, I am most definitely a flight. He has directed me to “run like hell” if I ever encounter a dangerous situation (it’s a good thing I’m a fast runner). If it is not bravery that I possess, then he must be speaking of my “strength of mind”. Isn’t that just stubbornness? I hardly consider that a praiseworthy trait, but I have definitely been accused of having a “hard head” a time or two. I do not give up easily, so if he is referring to the quality of perseverance, I could agree with that (but wouldn’t that be the same as stubborn?).

When I was a child, I remember coming across a written excerpt that alluded to the possibility of seeing ourselves as others see us (I now realize that it was in a poem by Robert Burns). But what I remember at the time was being fascinated by the thought, and curious about how and what others perceived of me. So, when my husband says that I have great fortitude, I wonder what exactly he (and others) see. Maybe someday he can elaborate.

I had to work on Thanksgiving this past week, but was able to make a quick trip home for the weekend. My daughter saved me a “little of everything” from the feast, including the deviled eggs and lemon bars that she made. There was almost a whole pan of the lemon bars. I am embarrassed to admit they no longer exist (I ate every last crumb before I left). She is not allowed to make them again unless she hides them from me.

I am happy to report that Wookie and I are together again, and he is ready to go to work tomorrow. We have experienced a few cold days here, so he has been able to wear a few of his sweaters to work. I realized this weekend that he does not have a holiday/Christmas sweater, so I began to knit him one (it should be finished today). I considered knitting Mary a few sweaters, but I am not sure if she would like them or not. She is growing quickly, so I may wait until she is grown.

We spent the weekend preparing the horse trailer & living quarters for my husbands next adventure. He has over two weeks of traveling and team roping planned. He will start in Arizona and end in Vegas. I will not be able to accompany him on this one, but I am hoping to make the next one. Maybe next year we can align my assignments to coincide a little better.

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  1. When I called my late husband stubborn, he said he’s “patient”.

  2. John Tyler Gage III Avatar
    John Tyler Gage III

    If your husband loves you, he will have saved you some of Granny’s rolls.

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