The Gulf Coast (Week 3)

One of my favorite things about this assignment is that I don’t have to wear scrubs. It may sound like a small thing, but it is big to me. People tell me all the time that it must be so nice to wear scrubs to work everyday, so comfortable like pajamas. That is part of the problem for me. I feel like I am wearing sloppy pajamas. I have tried different styles and colors, but I am still left feeling the same way. But when I wear business casual attire, I feel like a million bucks. I can run a foot race in heels, so don’t even think it slows me down to wear normal clothing. I am in patient rooms assisting with cares just the same.

This past week was eventful in many ways, but one event stands out the most for me. I terminated an employ that was in her probationary period. She only worked two days and that was all it took to recognize that it was not going to be a good fit. When I sat her down to discuss this, her response indicated that not only has it happened before, it happens frequently. I wanted to offer her some feedback that would help her in future roles, but her reaction quickly switched to an aggressive one and the conversation became unproductive. I can usually redirect the conversation, but during this interaction, it became even more apparent that the right decision was made to cut ties. She informed me that nobody likes me and it’s creepy that I have a dog. She left the facility disgruntled and then posted a negative review of the facility the very next day (as I anticipated). However, along with the negative review were two pictures of Wookie. Poor Wookie! He had absolutely nothing to do with any of it (shaking my head). The review was removed due to the content, but he was famous on Yelp for a minute.

I continue to struggle with my hair in this climate. It has become its own beast. The humidity causes extreme frizz that can not be tamed. I look in the mirror at it and see a mane that belonged to a teenager many years ago. I do the best I can with it and have experimented enough with it now that one solution is dry shampoo. It seems to dry up all the moisture, even if only temporarily. Wookie’s hair is affected as well, but he is cute no matter.

It is hard to believe that I am half way through this assignment. The administration has asked me to extend my contract, so it looks like I will be here through the middle of January. I was happy to say yes. I have been asked by several people if I would consider taking the position permanently. It’s always hard to formulate a response to that question. The people are lovely here and we are accomplishing great things, but I don’t know what the future holds. I have felt an emotional connection at each place, and it has always been difficult to leave, but I am just not sure that I am done traveling yet……

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