Leaving the High Desert

Good-byes are the worst. I have mentioned my dislike of them in previous posts. Leaving this team of wonderful people was difficult, but they made it a joyous occasion instead of a sad one. For that, I am so appreciative.  They gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers with a special card and a basket full of goodies for Wookie and I. Maybe I am just getting better at it, but this time I feel a sense of peace about it. I am sad to leave them, but so proud of them and their accomplishments.  I know they will do so well.

The route and itinerary that I so excitedly chose for our travel home was less than desirable. It looked wonderful as I planned it out, but I chose it from the perspective of driving a car that handles well in all conditions, not a truck pulling a 43 foot camper. The narrow, winding roads through mountain after mountain along with the rough patches and potholes made the trip precarious. Following behind the camper, watching it sway and bounce made me continuously cringe.  Cleaning up the contents of the pantry and cabinets at each stop was not fun, either. One of the sections of the trip left the microwave tray shattered throughout the camper. It will be a while before I will feel safe to go barefoot in there again. I can only imagine what it looked like as all of it was occurring (I envision a video clip that would be apropos for “Fail Army”). With all that movement, I was hopeful that my diamond earring would be revealed or shaken out of its hiding place, but no luck. It was a LONG three days. My husband was so gracious about all of it (more so than I would have been). However, I can safely assume that my privileges of selecting any future routes have been revoked.

We arrived home safely, and that is the most important thing. I had wanted a week or so off between assignments, but it looks like I will only have a few days home instead. I am spending the time assessing the situation and prioritizing what needs to be done prior to leaving again. I am prepping the camper for the next trip, cleaning out the chicken coop, washing continuous loads of laundry, repotting my houseplants, washing windows, and running errands. I shattered my phone screen at one of the stops, so you can add that to the list as well. Wookie is playing with his friends in the hay field and eating his daily egg from the duck and chicken nests (he really missed those).

My next assignment is on the gulf coast and closer to home. I should be able to make the trip every week. I am very excited about that!

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  1. The GULF COAST!!!!!! Yay!

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