The High Desert (Week 9)

I made home made chili this past week. It’s a good thing I had my two little jalapenos, because there were none to be had at the grocery store here. They added the perfect touch (and the red one was wonderfully spicy)!

Today is a beautiful day and one that only autumn can provide. The sun is bright and warm, but there is a coolness to the air. I have the windows open and I am making beef stew. It smells divine! It should make enough for me to take to lunch every day for my last week here.

The nights and mornings have turned cold here. I have to dig Wookie out of bed every morning to take him to work. He enjoys “cooking” in the heated blankets. He is back to wearing his knitted sweaters every day to stay warm. I have added a few more to his collection since last winter, so he has plenty to choose from.

Wookie and I are counting the “sleeps” until Steven and Pearl arrive this week to take us home. We have decided to take an exploratory route home so that we can take the opportunity to see new places instead of driving the same route back that we have already driven. It’s going to take us three days no matter, might as well enjoy it! This is easier said than done. Steven always says that we are going to take our time and not rush, but once we are on the road, he always changes his plan. Before I know it, we are driving 12-14 hour days and miserable. I met a traveler here that informed me of the “rule of twos”. It’s simple really: you only travel 200 miles/day, stop by 2pm every day, and stay for atleast 2 days at every stop. Although this rule may be a little unrealistic for our circumstances, it is something worth considering. So, this time, I am choosing the route (and booking the campgrounds so that we have to stop). I am going to plan the meals, go to the grocery store, and prep all the ingredients so that we can easily sit around the campfire every evening and enjoy ourselves. It’s the perfect time of year for that!

I am excited to be going home for a spell. It is just in time for our annual family “Weenie Roast” tradition. This has been going on since I was a child. We always went to my grandparents home the last Saturday in October. My PawPaw would build a bonfire and my MawMaw would make her chili and all kinds of goodies like popcorn balls. We would roast hot dogs and have S’mores. They have passed on now, so my parents took it over years ago. It will be extra special to me this year.

I am hoping to solidify my next assignment this week…..

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  1. Now I want beef stew for breakfast, and smores, and chili, and hot 🌭 dogs.

    1. That sounds like a breakfast of champions!

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