The High Desert (Week 5)

How beautiful is this double rainbow? This was a view from my camper this week. I had to capture it in a photograph, but the picture really doesn’t do it justice. It was amazing.

I lost one of my diamond earrings in the camper this week (boo!). It was one of the earrings that my PawPaw gave me for highschool graduation. I know exactly when it happened and I was able to find the back, but not the actual earring. I am not giving up hope in finding it because I have lost one before without even knowing it. That was years ago. They were supposed to be secure in my jewelry box, but I found one in my back yard when digging a hole. I can only assume that it fell out of the jewelry box, was vacuumed up, and then dumped in the yard unknowingly (we have a rainbow vacuum that uses water, so we usually dump it outside). I have put the lonely diamond stud in a secure place just in case I find its mate.

I am missing my cat this week. Her name is Mouse. I asked my husband if he could bring her on the next visit (maybe to stay). He laughed out loud at the thought of trying to drive her 23 hours across the country. To be honest I am not sure how she would tolerate it either. She is a strange creature, but mostly because of how she entered this world. We found her and her 6 litter mates in the shop, screaming, eyes still shut, and abandoned (most likely a coyote got her mother). They didn’t have cat-like features yet and resembled little mice (hence the name Mouse). This began the long journey of bottle feeding. I created a pouch out of a sheet and hung it around my neck for feeding times. It was the only way that I could attempt to control their frenzy. Whoever made it to the opening got a drink (until the next one pushed them off). This was repeated until they would finally succumb to their full, milk bellies and go back to sleep. They all adjusted well to the bottle except for Mouse. She constantly rejected the bottle and spent all her time in desperation, screaming. She had to be fed separately because it required extra effort to “force” her to drink the milk (my husband said that she wanted to die and I wouldn’t let her). The only time she would stop screaming is when we would wrap her in a furry blanket. I spent 8 weeks walking around the house with kittens attached to me like velcro. They would follow me around and climb my legs, hanging on while I commenced doing housework.

We found homes for her brothers and sisters but we kept her because we knew she was high maintenance. She still is to this day. I believe it is related to the trauma of losing her mother at such a young age. She is 5 years old and weighs 23 pounds now but still “nurses” fuzzy blankets. She requires two bowls of food at all times (if she can see the bottom of the bowl she commences to “threatening” us and having fits). I am not sure how she would adjust to the camper, but I think Wookie would like having her around as well.

We are half-way through this assignment now and not sure where we are headed next. I am hoping to find an assignment that is closer to home since it will be in the middle of the holidays and I feel that it is more important than ever to be home with family this year. I guess we will wait and see….

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