The High Desert (Week 4)

I met my husband in Las Vegas this past week to celebrate his 45th birthday. We took all of the lessons that we learned on the first trip and applied them to this one, which allowed for us to have the time of our life. We stayed on Fremont street at a hotel/casino which only allows ages 21 and up (Wookie wasn’t allowed so he had to be boarded for the first time in his life -more about that later). The food and the entertainment on Fremont street did not disappoint. We visited in the middle of the week, but one thing about Vegas -it’s Vegas no matter what night it is.

He made reservations for a window seat table at “The Top of the World” restaurant. We dressed up “Vegas Style” and took a limousine (my first limo ride!). The restaurant sits at the top of an 844 foot tower and slowly rotates so that by the end of the meal, you have seen the entire city. The views and the food were fabulous. He tried to talk me into a helicopter tour afterwards (not happening, not ever), but I am not brave enough for adventures like that.

My husband has many rules in life (some are easier to accommodate than others). One of my favorite ones is “When a good song comes on, you have to dance”. This rule is applied no matter where we are, and no dance floor is required. We have two-stepped in the kitchen, the camper, on sidewalks, and even between tables at restaurants. We have literally worn the soles off of our boots from dancing. On this trip, we danced in the street, two-stepping, twirling, and spinning all night long. We could barely walk the next day because of the soreness in our legs (sandals and uneven pavement require more effort than boots on dance floors with saw dust).

It wasn’t always this way. We have never had dance lessons, and when we were young, we would have been too self-conscious to dance in front of people. But, at some point, we realized that it is more about having fun, and perfection is not required (I have seen some couples dance perfectly, but their faces look as if someone licked all the red off of their candy -no fun there!). We are often complimented for our ability, but I don’t think it has anything to do with skill. I can tell you this, when I am in that man’s arms and dancing, all is right with the world.

He flew back to Texas today and I miss him already. I will hold the wonderful memories from this week close to my heart and be grateful for more “firsts” and adventures that we may have never experienced had I not started this journey as a travel nurse.

Now I have to focus on my poor little poodle that was “abandoned” and “neglected” while we were gone, having fun without him.

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  1. Love this story!

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