Texas Like That

I sent my husband back to Texas today after a brief three day stay. I had to weather an emotional four hour drive back from the airport after dropping him off. All I had were my thoughts and my music for the drive. I love all genres of music and have quite an eclectic play list. But on days like these, when I am so far from home and at a loss for words, I rely on my Texas country music. I was late to the game on this genre. My husband and kids listened to it for years before I jumped on the bandwagon. Now it has a special place on my playlist for days like these. I find comfort in the artist’s flair for capturing the spirit of us Texans. I like to think that I am “Texas Like That” (Zane Williams).

When I am left to my own thoughts, after saying good-bye, I become nostalgic about our humble beginnings as newlyweds with our “Trailer We Call(ed) Home” (Whiskey Myers). We got married at the ripe old age of 19 and this song is an incredibly accurate depiction of our early years “Together” (Josh Ward). We have weathered many a storm since those days, but they have made us who we are for sure, and he is still the “One I want” (Flatland Cavalry). He is the only person on this earth that can “Settle Me down” (Josh Abbott). It is a struggle here without that. I look forward to the day that he can join me on my travels and we don’t have to live separately anymore.

My eyes are wet while writing this but I don’t want to give off the wrong impression, so let’s be clear, I ain’t crying, that’s “West Texas in My Eye” (The Panhandlers). If you don’t understand that, then “You Ain’t Met My Texas Yet” (Pat Green/Josh Abbott).

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  1. melissawheatleytx Avatar

    Aweeweeee, Alissa. That was beautiful and I love this picture of you and your husband. I love his handlebar mustache. Y’all screem Texas. I love it.

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