Week 10 (Somewhere in the mountains)

Oh, the excessive secretions! With the nasal, tracheal, and bronchial mucus, I feel like I am drowning. It has sleeted and snowed this week so it is incredibly difficult to imagine it is related to allergies, but I get pollen alerts every day. I need to evaluate it further to see exactly what the trigger is, but I have not had time to do so.

I believe that shared experiences create the best opportunities for team bonding, and there is no greater opportunity for a shared experience than when the state surveyors show up (unannounced of course) for the facilities annual audit. It is a time that everyone can stop and truly appreciate that it takes every department, every team, and every individual to provide the best care for the patients that we are entrusted with. Any other time of the year, it is easy to adopt the thought process that your individual team is what carries patient care, but when the state surveyors begin to do their job (which can feel like you are being picked apart) it becomes obvious that every single person plays a role in providing care and meeting state requirements. It is in these moments that everyone draws together to find ways to provide support to each team, department, and individual. By the end of the week, everyone is exhausted and may or may not share mimosas together in the business office while they wait on the final results and findings.

As it draws closer to the end of this assignment I feel a mixture of emotions. Some days I am apprehensive about leaving and some days I am excited about the prospect of a new location to explore, but every day I am proud of what has been accomplished here and sad about the thought of severing ties with all of the special people that I have built relationships with. The administrator has asked me to extend my contract here, so I have no fear of being without an assignment/job, but I have a big decision to make and am fearful about making the wrong one. I have not been home during this entire assignment and would like to find an assignment that won’t take 2 days to get there, but that would mean giving up a place that Wookie and I have grown to love. Regret is real and it is something that I hope I won’t feel after making that decision.

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