Week 9 (Somewhere in the mountains)

I have a washer/dryer combo now! No more laundry mat. I feel like I am living the life of luxury. I am very much like my Granny. She always had a load of laundry going. My Grandaddy would tease her and say that when she walked through the front door, she would run straight to the washing machine. I am like that. I love doing laundry, just ask my husband about kitchen towels. He is always asking where “his” towel went. If you leave a towel on the kitchen counter, it is going straight to the washing machine in my house. I am always looking for enough items to justify a load of laundry and these are terrific since they are such bacteria breeders.

You should have seen the freight guy and myself trying to get it up the stairs and through the narrow door of the camper (it was reminiscent of the time that my husband and I tried to get my Peleton in it). But the real trouble happened when I was left to install it by myself. It would have been fine except for the incredibly tight fit along with the heavy weight. I was so proud to get it into its spot and connected to water and power- Only to realize that I forgot to remove the shipping bolts. Out it came. I just thought it was hard to get in….

My husband assembled me a tool kit for times like these. Unfortunately, none of the tools in the kit would fit the bolts. I was able to improvise, I got that gift from my Pawpaw (all he needed was some duct tape and bailing wire to make anything work). I was famous for removing screws and bolts from bar stools and televisions beginning at the ripe old age of toddler-hood. Who knew that skill would come in handy now? I don’t have any skin left on my knuckles, but those bolts were removed effectively. I have washed multiple loads of laundry successfully and I no longer have to haul what feels like 100 pounds of laundry to the laundromat every week. Score!

Overall, this has been a difficult week for me (reasons related to work and personal life). I found the need to rely heavily on my faith. I find so much comfort in Fanny Crosby’s hymn, “All the Way My Savior Leads Me”. If you have never read/heard/sang this hymn, I highly recommend it. When I question my ability to carry on, I remember that I don’t have to do it alone. It also helps to gaze upon His miraculous creations, such as this nearby lake with it’s amazing backdrop…

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