I wonder what Wookie would say about this whole adventure. I know he enjoys the hikes, new smells, new sounds, and new critters. But I also know that he misses home where he was able to run freely around our property (no fences). I believe he would have mixed reviews….

Backstory: Wookie is 3 years old. He has been with me since he was 8 weeks old. We have been together almost 24/7 since he came home with us. I have always taken him to work with me (he had a bed and toys in my office) or I have worked remotely where he was able to lay at my feet.

He is now left alone in a camper for 8 hours/day. Based on his response every day when I leave (he begins shaking all over when he sees me grab my keys) and when I get home (he squeals and sounds as if he is having an asthma attack for 10-15 minutes every time), he is having some severe separation anxiety. It’s almost as if he thinks I have died and came back from the dead every day.

I know that he also misses my husband and his very dear friend Pearl. He and Pearl played chase constantly back at home. The picture above is his response every time he hears a diesel truck go by. He is certain that they are coming back anytime now. When we go to the dog park here, he looks for them since that was one of the last times that he saw them. I feel guilty for that.

So we hike. A lot.

6 responses to “Wookie”

  1. Get yourself a pet cam.

    1. What a great idea! Except…. I am afraid that I would do nothing but watch it all day and feel the need to return 🙁 It is so busy at work that the time goes quickly for me. I am sure it is like molasses for him…..

      1. melissawheatleytx Avatar

        Good point. But you can talk to Wookie on the pet cam. Do you leave Scooby-Doo on for him while your gone? I hate that you feel guilty.

  2. 🙁 our fur babies are resilient and can you imagine how he would feel if he wasn’t with you!?
    It may not be what he is accustomed to, but I know he is still happy!

    1. Oh how I hope you are right about the resilience. I am ready for the days that he is content again.

  3. Thanks for sharing Wookiee’s part of this journey! I know he would have pros and cons to say about it. However, He is super happy to be with you! Your concern is why you are a great pet mama!

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