No tears in travel nursing

To be honest, I started out today a little bit weepy. It was a long night without electricity and I woke up without any water. I cried a few tears as I spoke with my husband on the phone. No shower, no toilet. I brushed my teeth with Listerine and went to work at 0630 just so I could have coffee and go to the bathroom. Not very glamorous, but honest.

However, when I got back to the camper this afternoon I had this view (and running water). The temperature is still below freezing, and that is snow headed our way, but Wookie and I went for a hike anyway. I put his little knitted sweater on him, bundled myself up, and out we went. By the time we were back to the camper, he was hopping foot-to-foot because his paws were cold and I felt like my face was frost-bitten, but we were both in great spirits. How can you be upset, angry, or disappointed with a view like this?

I am now sitting in a warm camper (with water and electricity), watching a new series on HBO Max, and knitting him a sweater with a heavier thread so that we can continue to go out even on these cold, cold days (he is recuperating on his heated blanket and actively dreaming).

BTW, I stopped at the store on my way home to buy 5 gallons of water and I will definitely leave the faucet running tonight, just in case…..

2 responses to “No tears in travel nursing”

  1. Your spirit. XOXO Made me sad to hear about your tears this morning. Just like Alissa, she allows herself to cry, then pulls herself up by her bootstraps and accepts the challenge. I miss you.
    I hope you and Wookie have a cozy evening, and restful sleep. May your coffee be strong, and your day be great.


  2. Great attitude! You’ve got this!
    Consider a heated water hose. It has saved us many times. 😉

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