Baby, it’s cold outside (and snowing)

Today’s temperature got to 60 degrees outside and then quickly took a nose-dive. It is now 30 degrees with a “real feel” of 11 and snowing like crazy! The picture above is the very same view that normally has mountains in it. You would never know that mountains existed at this point.

To make it interesting, we are without power right now. The high winds have done damage somewhere on the power grid. To add even more interest to the matter, the propane was not delivered today and we are sitting without heat. The fabulous people at the KOA have offered to come down and switch out my propane canisters so that we can stay warm, even if in the dark. Thank you, God for the wonderful people in this little town!

I ordered a Halo as soon as we found ourselves in this predicament. It should arrive around April 25. Then, we can at least plug in a heated blanket to stay warm if we ever find ourselves in this situation again. Oh, and I discovered today that the power outlets may not work when we are without power, but the USB outlets do!

Fun fact: The heated water hose sleeve does not work without electricity. Now we have no water….

5 responses to “Baby, it’s cold outside (and snowing)”

  1. Enjoying the blog!
    Miss you!!

    1. Well, hello Pilgrim! Glad you like it! To be honest, I am missing home today. Still sitting in the dark as I post this….

      1. but it all worked out!
        Super proud of you!
        Ready to see you again!

      2. You are right, it sure did. I am ready to see you all again, too. Missing those warm (hot) days on the deck at the winery about now 🙂

  2. I think they call this camping. Which why I couldn’t. You amaze me all the time. Modern-day Wild West Woman. I absolutely love reading this Blog. Love the pictures.

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