Week 2 (Somewhere in the mountains)

This. Is. Everything. I don’t know if the “new” will wear off, but right now life is pretty great. The mornings are cold and clear, the afternoons are hot and sunny. I don’t think I will ever grow used to the beautiful scenery and the surrounding mountain view. I suppose I am here at a great time of year, just as things are thawing out and starting to bud. I am excited to see what it will look like when everything is green. We are expecting an inch of snow tomorrow, so that may delay a few things. I am excited to experience the snow here as I am sure it is much different than what we get in Texas.

The people I am working with are very kind and passionate about what they do. I am excited to teach them what I know and learn from them as well. They are very receptive to my recommendations and seem appreciative to have me, even if for a short amount of time.

The only thing missing right now is my husband. He got me all set up and comfortable here prior to leaving. He quickly fell in love with this little town and it was more difficult than expected to send him back to Texas. It has posed the biggest challenge so far. We are planning his next visit and hoping he can come to stay soon.

Fun facts: 1. There are frequent dirt devils here. I thought I had seen these in Texas, but these are on a different level. One developed and came straight at the camper while I was sitting outside. It hit the camper, was mildly disrupted, and then continued on. 2. There is a slot machine in every establishment. 3. The air is very dry compared to Texas. I struggle wearing my contacts on most days due to the dryness (also have micro-bleeding in my nasal passages from the dry air). 4. Wookie and I have not adjusted to the time difference yet. We wake up around 0330 every morning feeling wide awake. You would think this would make for long, tiring days, but it doesn’t. We get up and watch the sun rise over the mountains. 5. We are in Pacific time zone, but very near Mountain time zone. My phone and watch go back and forth between the zones, I am assuming due to a tower situation. I never really know what time it is unless I look at the microwave or the clock at work. 6. Wookie is constipated due to the elevation. I am giving him puppy probiotics and that seems to be helping.

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  1. This sounds so exciting for you! Your new team will be blessed to have you! I know we sure were better for having you.
    It would be nice to see pics of Wookie!

    1. Hi Margaret! Thank you for your words of encouragement! I will post a pic of Wookie as soon as he goes to the groomer this week. He is overdue and looks like Grover on Sesame Street. I found a groomer in town, we shall see how it goes….

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