Week One (Somewhere in the mountains)

I woke up today and the temperature in the camper is 49 degrees. In the camper, not outside. This is definitely not Texas. I do have to say that despite the outside temperature being in the 20’s, it doesn’t feel that cold. The sun feels hot, the air is dry, and there is no wind. It is actually quite pleasant. I never thought I would say something like that! I am such a cold natured person. My biggest fear is being cold. This fear is so strong that I never get in a swimming pool because I know that I will be cold when I get out. Listen, I grew up in a house without central/gas heat. We had a wood burning stove that barely kept the front part of the house warm. The bedrooms had ice on the inside of the windows. I would pile blankets on top of myself to try to get warm without success. Mind you, my parents had a heated blanket on their bed. So unfair. It was in child hood that I promised myself that I would never be cold again. I am hyper-vigilant about that promise to myself, trust me. But this is different. I don’t feel cold at all. In fact, I haven’t worn anything but a light sweater here. Wookie and I hike every morning when the temps are in the 20’s and 30’s and we love it! Who knew?

The final piece of the puzzle for this journey was obtained on Monday. Although the facility is experiencing many challenges: compliance, staffing, culture, etc. (the usual when it comes to medical care in a post-pandemic world), I am excited to be here and they seem very excited to have me. The locals are so friendly and genuine. I am convinced this is the best possible scenario for a first time travel nurse like myself. More to come!

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  1. Keep us posted on how it goes.

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