To love someone is to feed them

Did I tell you what an amazing husband that I have? He is always ensuring that I am taken care of -remember the obnoxious fifth wheel… One of the ways that he takes care of me is to feed me. He is a terrific cook (he would say chef). Either way, he calls me everyday to see what I want for supper. Whatever I say sounds good, he makes it. Even when we don’t have the ingredients and he has to go to the store.

For the time being, he will need to “hold the fort down” at our home in Texas. He will not be able to accompany me full-time until things are wrapped up at home. So, when the decision was finalized to take the first travel assignment and the days got close to leave, he decided to make sure that I would have good food to eat when I got there. Not just food, good food. He filled the smoker with 3 types of chicken, vacuum-sealed individual servings, and put all of it in the RV freezer with it. I can look forward to coming home from work every day with that πŸ™‚

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  1. What an amazing husband! The beautiful things about marriage πŸ’• you’re worth it Alissa!

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