Left behind

I had to give up everything in my greenhouse when I left home. It was FULL of things that I had started from seed and nurtured along. I brought three of the little plants with me. I am not exactly sure why, but maybe just because I couldn’t let it all go. One is lemongrass that I started from seed, one is mint that I started from seed, and one is a branch from my Aloe Vera plant that I named Feed Me Seymour. You would understand that name if you ever saw that plant. It is the most gigantic Aloe plant that I have ever seen. I actually rescued it from a Tom Thumb store. It was a tiny plant on its death bed. Let’s just say that it isn’t so tiny anymore. In fact, I am not sure what to do with it now. It is currently in a 25 gallon pot and root bound and needs to be re-potted.

The craziest thing happened today. My daughter just sent me a pic of a farewell gift that arrived at home from my previous team. Would you believe it is three little planters?! I swear no one except my husband knew. He thought I was crazy to try to keep those little plants alive while driving across the country. I can’t wait for my husband to bring the planters to me on the next visit so that I can re-pot my three little orphan plants.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing them in your new pots 😉

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