Decisions, decisions…

The decision to switch careers from a corporate nurse to a travel nurse is a little scary, to say the least. It was not easy. We had so many conversations about the risks vs. benefits, challenges, and possibilities. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last month, my husband retired from law enforcement last fall, our children are grown and thriving. We do not have any grandchildren yet, but are excited about that possibility when it comes. What this means is that we really don’t have any reason not to just jump. Why not go explore? Why not take this opportunity? My husband is super excited about all of it. His goal is for me to find assignments in cities that have an active rodeo scene so that he can team rope while I am working. BIG goals, right?

In the end, the decision was to “jump”. We acknowledge that this is a rare opportunity for us, for anyone, really. It is a period in our life where the possibilities are endless. So, if not now, when?

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    Just relaxing and reading about your adventures.

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