Boondocking At A Truckstop

We were planning to try boondocking for the first time tonight it our fifth wheel. My husband filled up the fresh water tank in the RV and we planned to pull into a truck stop for the night.

The lessons we learned tonight on arrival: The faucet in the outdoor kitchen of the RV was left in the “on” position which caused the entire fresh water tank to drain out by the time that we got to the truck stop late at night. No water means no toilet or shower. We also learned that the electric outlets do not work whenever the RV is running off of the battery or solar system. This means no heater or electric blanket and we are not able to charge our devices. It is FREEZING and our teeth are chattering. I am sure that I have been more miserable, but right now, I can not recall a single time.

Tonight I am grateful for truck stop bathrooms and disposable wash cloths. And, also for my husbands resilience. Let me inform you that he normally exhibits low vagal tone in these type of situations. However, tonight, despite all of this difficulty, he is still incredibly excited about this journey.

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