A Long Way From Home

We are traveling 1350 miles to my first assignment as a Director of Nurses in Nevada. It is a long way from home. We have estimated that it will take 3 days to get there. Maybe I should provide a preface, I have never lived in another county, much less another state. Becoming a travel nurse should provide me an opportunity to get outside of that comfort zone of a cocoon that I have always lived in. I am incredibly uncertain about everything right now. But, I have never been to Nevada, and I am excited to see it with my own eyes. I am currently driving behind my husband as he pulls our fifth wheel that will be my home for the foreseeable future. We are averaging 7 miles/gallon in fuel. My little poodle “Wookie” is riding in the front seat next to me, sleeping soundly. He will be the comfort that I need if everything goes awry…..

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