Week 8 (Somewhere in the mountains)

Sagebrush dominates the terrain here. Can I tell you how fabulous it smells? When we first arrived during the cold temperatures, everything looked dead. Remember the post about how Wookie blended in with the terrain? How could I have known that these bushes would bloom and turn green with warmer temperatures? I wasn’t prepared for the morning that we hiked and the air was filled with a magnificent scent. At first, I didn’t know where it was coming from, but then I bent over and pinched one of the bushes. Amazing. I want my house to smell like this. I want my laundry to smell like this. I want EVERYTHING to smell like this. Can you buy it in a bottle somewhere? If not, someone please find a way….

Since the weather has turned warmer, there are also new critters everywhere. Wookie has always loved hiking but he is newly excited about all the new activity and smells. We continue to hike several miles per day. Some days I would rather sit and binge watch GIRLS (did I mention that trashy TV is my favorite), but he pushes me to go outside and explore. I am always glad that we do. He keeps me balanced.

We have decided to stop fighting the adjustment to the new time zone. We can’t seem to adapt so we have chosen to live in central time. There are too many contributing factors that prevent our ability to adapt. One reason is that my watch continues to bounce off of the wrong tower and almost always stays in Mountain time instead of Pacific (I seriously never really know what time it is here). Another reason is the fact that the sun rises here at 0500 and I have rarely been able to sleep past sunrise. Since we wake around 0430, we go to work after our first hike and finish our day around 1400. I am so grateful that this assignment allows for a flexible schedule. It enables me to continue to stay on the same schedule as my family back home. It also allows for some really great outside activities while it is the warmest part of the day. As a leader, being able to work hours that allow me to interact with both shifts is a bonus, too.

I am no longer the pale, redhead in town. I have noticed my skin turning to a brown, burnished leather color (and texture) due to the harsh climate with it’s extreme daily temperatures and dry air. I don’t know if my skin will ever be soft again. The strong UV rays even seem to permeate my clothing because I don’t have any tan lines from hiking, not even a farmer’s tan.

Also of note, Wookie and I have decided that we want to go somewhere less windy for the next assignment. Somewhere that would allow us to put out the awning and sit in the shade without fear of it being ripped off of the camper.

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  1. Enjoying these! Keep it going šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Margaret!

  2. melissawheatleytx Avatar

    O. How i have missed your blog

    1. Where have you been? Lol.

      1. Daughter got married.

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